Support & Information

Parent Support Group Dates 2013

The Parent Support Group (PSG) dates for the year 2013 are as follows:

  • 1 February
  • 26 April
  • 7 June
  • 23 August
  • 4 October
  • 6 December

Parent Support Programme

When parents first receive the diagnosis of their child on the Autism Spectrum, it can be overwhelming. It is envisaged that parents should be empowered with practical advice and guidance in making decisions about the child's immediate future as well as how to deal with the child's difficult behaviours, questions of family and friends and future decisions.

It is the intention to involve and support everyone that is part of a child's treatment team, be that other therapists, the parents or extended family. One way to assist parents with coping strategies is to host and arrange regular Parent Support Group events and introduce them to other parents that can assist with practical advice and experience.

It is essential that parents should also be capacitated to become actively involved in their child’s treatment; they will be taught the intervention techniques; participation in the planning of the treatment program; updated on regular progress; be provided with sufficient information, resources and contacts to increase their insight and understanding of the ASD syndrome and their child.

Service Providers

We are in the process of building up a database of available skills and services in the area relating to autism treatment.

Please send us your CV and/or Company Profile if you render services or have experience in the following fields:

  • Tutors / Home-based Tutors
  • Facilitators
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teachers
  • Professional Services.E.g. Occupational Therapy, Speech-,Language- and Hearing Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & dietary interventions, Homeopaths, Psychologists.
  • Providers of Educational Toys and Play Equipment.
  • Providers of Play, Music, Animal and Other Treatment Programmes.

Definition of ABLE:

  • The definition of 'able' aptly describes the vision that we have for children on the Autism Spectrum through the assistance of the Centre and the wider community:
  • having the necessary power, means, skill, know-how, resources, or qualifications to do something well;
  • having or showing unusual talent, intelligence, skill, or knowledge; having inherent physical or mental ability or capacity;
  • having sufficient power, strength, force, skill, means, or resources of any kind to accomplish the object;
  • having intellectual qualifications, or strong mental powers;
  • having enough strength, knowledge etc to do something possessed of qualifications rendering competent for some end;
  • showing ability or skill; competence;
  • to make able; to enable; to strengthen; to vouch for;
  • to be fit; adapted; suitable; competent; qualified; capable; talented; clever.