The Centre offers the following:

  • High quality specialized services to accommodate children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) and/or on the Autism Spectrum, and to mainstream as many of these children as possible;
  • An integrated programme to enable the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop to the best of his/her ability and potential and to ultimately explore their world with confidence and independence;
  • Experienced and professional Occupational Therapy as well as Speech & Language Therapy services;
  • School readiness, social integration and mainstream integration and facilitation;
  • Training, support and information to parents with children on the Autism Spectrum/PDD, thereby ensuring the sustainability of treatment by empowering them and improving the quality of life of the whole family;
  • Training and capacity building for professionals working directly or indirectly with children with ASD/PDD;
  • Awareness drives and support network throughout the wider community.
  • A one-stop service for early intervention therapy combined with a future phase for Junior (Foundation) Phase school for Grade 0 to 3 for children on the Autism Spectrum/PDD;
  • Inspiration based on Christian morals and principles applied in the successful treatment of children with ASD/PDD.

The treatment is based on:

  • A unique and consolidated programme for each child based on the needs of the specific child, based on thorough assessments and input from occupational and speech therapy professionals.
  • Monitoring and recording of individual progress;
  • One-on-one treatment to build the necessary skills and to help improve on developmental delays;
  • Intervention based on internationally recognized and proven therapy methods, such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, where appropriate behaviour is shaped and skills are built through positive reinforcement; Further, a variety of other internationally proven intervention methods are used, such as, TEACHH, Floortime, RDI, PECS.
  • The language based program addresses all areas of a child’s development and includes language, socialization, play, social skills, self-help skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, art, and music.