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The treatment is based on SNAP (Special Needs Adapted Programme):

  • SNAP is a unique, child-specific, one-on-one, integrated program for children with special needs. The program recognises the uniqueness of each child and is geared to addressing the needs of each individual child. It also endeavors to assist and support parents and other persons entrusted to their care.
  • The program was aimed at enabling children to progress while still being on the waiting list and, simultaneously, providing the support parents so desperately needed. At the same time the need for a personalised one-to-one approach with more immediate results arose, due to the fact that the pupil-teacher ratio in the classes at the specialised schools increased.
  • A variety of methods are used with a high success rate. Interventions include Applied Behaviour Analysis, Sensory Integration, TEACHH, Makaton, Floortime, Relationship Development Intervention, the Greenspan Method, Verbal Behaviour, PECS and many other internationally proven methods.
  • Each child receives a unique tutoring program designed specific for the needs of the particular child. This program is monitored and adapted by an assigned program manager that monitors the tutor who works with the child. The program is adapted to match the child's achievements or further deficits.
  • It's a language based program addressing all areas of a child’s development. This includes language, socialization, play, social skills, self-help skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development and other skills.
  • The program works together with other professionals including speech therapists, occupational therapists. The child's problems are addressed through a holistic approach.
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