Foundation Phase School

Phase 2 can accommodate 16 children (6-10 years) in 2 classrooms for Foundation Phase Schooling of the National Curriculum Grade 0 – 3, and the specific components of Phase 2 of the Centre will cater for:

  • 2 Equipped classrooms of 58sqm each with store area;
  • School equipment & material;

The Need

Apart from the Zululand Remedial School and Thuthukani Special Needs School in Empangeni, there are currently no other fully operational school facilities specifically for children on the Autism Spectrum in this region and further north in KZN. At present, for example Thuthukani has a waiting list of 13 children with ASD, in desperate need for professional intervention.

This leaves parents and families absolutely desperate. Many of them are forced to go into huge financial debt in order to acquire the therapy their children need.

A dedicated schooling facility is required for children who can cope academically but may not be able to be incorporated into the Mainstream setting from a social/emotional/ behavioural point of view. In addition to this a Mainstream Integration Programme with Primary Schools in the feeder area, will be developed on the basis of learners with/without facilitators. A closer partnerships & cooperation between existing special needs centres, e.g. Zululand Remedial School & Thuthukani Centre will be forged for the combined benefit of children diagnosed with ASD.

Progress with Phase 2 Development​

The first block of two classrooms have been completed which will house the first two classes of the Foundation Phase School: ABLE Academy. Admissions have been opened for Grade R and Grade 1 learners from January 2013. The School offers the following:

  • A teacher to child ratio of 1:5
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • National Curriculum
  • SACE Registered Teachers

Ultimate Vision

The ultimate Vision is to have a fully fledged Foundation Phase (Grade R to Grade 3) School combined with the Early Intervention Centre and full time professional therapy services in Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy serving the wider Zululand community. Combined with the facilities it is our vision to have reached as many people as possible in terms of awareness and a sound support base from the Community to families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Sponsor A Child

  • Due to the high cost of quality treatment services, most parents cannot afford the monthly therapy fees, and some children remain untreated. You can make a difference by Sponsoring a Child to give him/her a chance at a happy & independent life. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

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