Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the Zululand Community with the following by the end of 2013:

  • The facilities and high quality specialized services to accommodate children on the Autism Spectrum, and to mainstream as many of these children as possible;
  • An integrated programme to enable the child with ASD to develop to the best of his/her ability and potential and to ultimately explore their world with confidence and independence;
  • A one-stop service for early intervention therapy combined with a Junior (Foundation) Phase school for Grade 0 to 3 for children on the Autism Spectrum, including professional occupational therapy and speech therapy services;
  • Inspiration based on Christian morals and principles applied in the successful treatment of children with ASD.

Sponsor A Child

  • Due to the high cost of quality treatment services, most parents cannot afford the monthly therapy fees, and some children remain untreated. You can make a difference by Sponsoring a Child to give him/her a chance at a happy & independent life. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

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